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For over 50 years, Greenblatt, Lieberman, Richards & Weishoff, LLC has been the go-to New Jersey eviction law firm, delivering unmatched expertise in landlord representation. Our exclusive dedication is to landlords, ensuring focused and tailored legal assistance.  With strong community ties, we’ve established a reputation for excellence and dependability. Beyond legal advice, our mission is to empower landlords to navigate New Jersey’s landlord-tenant law seamlessly. Join forces with us to cultivate and oversee a resilient, thriving rental portfolio.


Looking for expert guidance in managing your New Jersey real estate business? Our law firm specializes in supporting property managers and landlords, offering tailored services to streamline operations. Whether it’s dealing with disorderly tenants, drafting leases, or navigating the eviction process, we’ve got you covered. From establishing grounds for eviction to handling abandoned property, our goal is to simplify tenant management. Partner with us for seamless solutions tailored to your needs.


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