Practice Areas

Greenblatt, Lieberman, Richards & Weishoff, LLC is a real estate law firm with over 50 years of experience.  Our practice areas include landlord tenant law, tenant evictions, residential and commercial lease drafting, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.  We serve all of New Jersey, with our principal offices located in Mount Holly, New Jersey.

Real Estate Attorneys


Our attorneys specialize in short term or long term transactions and purchases by real estate developers, tenants, landlords, builders, contractors, lenders, owners of hotels and retail buildings, office buildings, farm land and title insurance companies.

Landlord Tenant Attorneys


Our landlord tenant attorneys specialize in drafting of a lease, rent payment issues, landlord harassment, tenant breaches of contract, illegal use of property by a tenant, and eviction of the tenant from a property.

Wills and Estate Attorneys


Our estate attorneys design estate plans to protect our clients’ assets. We assist in the transfer of wealth, with minimum tax implications. We prepare wills and living wills, with powers of attorney, as well as revocable “living” trust agreements and irrevocable trust agreements.

Eviction Attorneys


The “New Jersey Anti-Eviction Act” severely limits landlords’ ability to regain possession of their leased property. Our firm has a detailed understanding of all aspects of the eviction process and what a landlord can and cannot do.

Leasing Review & Drafting


Are you looking for knowledgeable and experienced legal representation in negotiating, reviewing and drafting lease agreements?  Attorneys Greenblatt, Lieberman, Richards & Weishoff are here to help you get the results you deserve!

Bankruptcy Attorneys


Our bankruptcy attorneys specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, including tackling credit cards debt, medical bill debt, tax liens, foreclosures and repossessions.

Foreclosure Attorneys


Our experienced attorneys can help assist with foreclosure events.