Lease Drafting and Negotiation in New Jersey

Landlords have an option to use form lease documents for both commercial and residential spaces, and tenants can accept those boilerplate terms with few, if any, revisions. Both parties, however, would benefit from a more customized document that addresses each party’s interests with terms and conditions that are specific to the individual lease at hand.


New Jersey law firm of GLR&W, LLC have decades of experience drafting and negotiating leases that serve the best interests of either building owners and renters. Our lease review and negotiation services help ensure that tenancies will proceed smoothly for the life of their terms. Get the peace of mind that comes when you a lease that has been thoroughly considered relative to your needs terms, explained to you in plain language with no hidden surprises, and with conditions that provide a fair and equitable pathway to resolve issues before they become problematic.


Best New Jersey state and practices for lease review


The New Jersey leasing lawyers of GLR&W carefully consider the relevant details of your concerns so they are addressed during any negotiations and drafting the terms of your agreement.


A comprehensive lease review includes examination of important issues, including:

  • The impact of personal guarantees
  • Whether the lease can be assigned, or the tenant can sublet a portion or all of the leased premises
  • Restrictions on how the premises may be used
  • Rent escalation clauses
  • How quickly repairs will be performed, and the difference between emergency and standard repairs
  • Maintenance of common areas and charges imposed on tenants for that maintenance


Negotiate a fair and equitable lease now to avoid problems later


In addition to addressing the landlord’s and tenant’s respective interests, every lease should include procedures and mechanisms that the parties can use to resolve problems as soon as they arise. Leases that omit those mechanisms and procedures inevitably set the parties up for protracted and expensive litigation that is otherwise avoidable.


Further, both the landlord and the tenant will be subject to forces beyond their immediate control, including, for example, economic downturns that place strains on a landlord’s ability to provide maintenance services and that make it difficult for a tenant to make regular rent payments. The importance of maintaining a peaceful relationship with your landlord or tenant cannot be overstated. Working with a GLR&W attorney will help ensure that you receive the protection you need during the life of the lease.


Full-service Lease Review, Negotiation and Drafting Services in New Jersey


GLR&W is among New Jersey’s leading landlord-tenant firms. Let us help you negotiate, draft, and review fair, favorable terms in your next residential or commercial lease. We represent both tenants and landlords. Please call our office in Mount Holly and speak to a friendly representative who will be happy to schedule a consultation.

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