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Buying and selling real estate is an important part of the modern business world.  However, the legal process in New Jersey commercial and residential real estate is often complex. At New Jersey Eviction Law, our real estate lawyers are committed to representing clients in a competent and professional manner. We represent real estate developers, tenants, landlords, builders, contractors, lenders, owners of hotels and retail buildings, office buildings, farm land and title insurance companies. We assist both buyers and sellers in every size transaction, both residential homes and large commercial purchases, for short term or long term.  Whether you’re the tenant or the landlord, you should consult with an experienced and competent real estate lawyer to determine your rights, your obligations, so that all matters concerning real estate law are handled correctly and professionally. At Greenblatt, Lieberman, Richards, & Weishoff, our real estate attorneys offer a high level of attentiveness to every transaction, every case, putting the needs of our clients ahead of our own for a favorable outcome.

Our real estate attorneys are experienced and ready to handle every aspect of commercial and residential real estate. Some of the legal real estate matters we work on include but are not limited to:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Land Dispositions
  • Sales Agreements
  • Real Estate Property Leases
  • Contracts & Deeds
  • Property Rights
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Liens and Foreclosures
  • Drafting and Litigating Commercial Leases
  • Residential Contracts
  • Commercial & Retail Leasing
  • Construction & Development Financing
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance
  • Equipment Lease Financing
  • Multi-State Property Financing
  • Residential Real Estate


Whether you’re seeking legal assistance with a complex real estate purchase or lease, you require the services of an experienced environmental attorney before purchase of land, or simply need help with any traditional real estate transaction, our real estate attorneys have five decades of experience and impressive knowledge of real estate matters. There is no matter for which we cannot offer legal advice.


Are you looking for experienced lawyers to navigate the complex intricacies of real estate law for you?  Attorneys Robert P. Weishoff and Travis J. Richards, Michael Greenblatt, & Jules Lieberman are here to help you get the results you deserve! Call Greenblatt, Lieberman, Richards, & Weishoff, LLC at (609) 267-1301 to set up a consultation today. Visit our website for great blog post tips on topics like estate planning and tax savings, and the most up-to-date information on legal statue changes! Or complete our contact form here!