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Almost everyone receives a traffic violation now and again. Most consider traffic tickets to be a minor issue, but they can cause a major headache. The standard response upon receiving a ticket, whether speeding, parking or another type of traffic summons, is to simply mail in payment for the fine. That may be the quickest way to put it out of your mind.  However, in doing so, you are admitting to guilt, and you may be exposing yourself to penalties beyond the fine set forth on the ticket, including points, automatic license suspension, Motor Vehicle surcharges, and higher insurance rates.


Traffic violations are a serious matter and should be handled by a traffic court lawyer who has experience and will consider the impact of the violation on your driving record.  Appearing in court with an experienced lawyer could get you a plea bargain, keep points off your record, avoid suspension of your driving privilege, avoid any surcharges in insurance and lastly, avoid any time in jail.



Traffic Violations Attorneys in Mount Holly, NJ


At The Law Offices of Greenblatt, Lieberman, Richards, & Weishoff, LLC our attorneys take every traffic violation seriously, whether you choose to accept a plea bargain or to fight a charge at trial. We work to protect your rights and prevent any harsh consequences to your driver’s license and your insurance rates.  We are passionate about providing traffic attorney services at a reasonable cost.  In New Jersey, when you receive a speeding ticket or traffic citation, you should be concerned with your:


  • driving record,
  • auto insurance rates,
  • fines/court costs/surcharges,
  • suspensions, and
  • jail time.


Violations and Points on your Driving Record


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If you are convicted of a moving violation, this will add points to your driver’s license. Moving violations are listed below, followed by how many points will be added to your license:


  • improper turn, 3 points
  • unsafe lane change, 2 points
  • careless driving, 2 points
  • failure to stop for traffic light, 2 points
  • speeding (over 30 mph limit), 5 points
  • speeding (15-29 mph over limit), 4 points
  • speeding (1-14 mph over limit), 2 points
  • reckless driving, 5 points
  • tailgating, 5 points
  • improper passing, 4 points
  • improper passing of a school bus, 5 points
  • leaving the scene of an accident with injury, 8 points
  • leaving the scene of an accident, 2 points


If you are a repeat violator, if you are convicted in an out-of-state moving violation, or if you receive multiple points within a 2-year period, the point system may be different. If you collect more than 12 points in 2 years, your license may be suspended. So, as stated above, think twice before you admit guilt and pay your traffic violation.


Ways to Get Points Removed


There are ways to get points taken off your record, and a skilled traffic attorney will assist you in this.  If you complete a Driver Improvement Program, take a defensive driving course, or go without any new violations for a year, you can get two to three points removed.


Auto Insurance Rate Increases


If you are convicted of a traffic violation, you can count on your auto insurance rate to increase. Depending on your insurance policy, the type of violation, your driving record and accident history, some typical rate increases that accompany traffic violations include but are not limited to the following:


  • driving without a license, 18% increase
  • improper turn, 14% increase
  • careless driving, 16% increase
  • speeding (over 30 mph limit), 15% rate increase
  • speeding (15-29 mph over limit), 12% increase
  • speeding (1-14 mph over limit), 11% increase
  • reckless driving, 22% increase
  • tailgating, 13% increase
  • improper passing, 14% increase




Any traffic violation in New Jersey carries a potential fine if you are found to be guilty. The more serious the offense, the higher the fine. For instance, if you are convicted of speeding 39 mph over the limit, the fine will be much greater than if you are only 5 mph over the limit.  Often, one police stop will come with multiple traffic violations. If you run a red light, you will receive a fine for not yielding to the light, plus reckless driving. If you aren’t wearing your seatbelt when they come to your window, count on another fine. The total amount of these fines could be significant by the time the traffic stop is done.


Court Costs


If you do choose to go to court, a local Municipal Court will likely charge you up to $33 in court costs for their time.




You can be hit with a surcharge for certain violations if convicted. You will need to pay the surcharge every year for three years. Those violations include driving without a license, driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance, all of which range from $100 to $250 per year.  Getting six or more points within three years will give you an addition surcharge as well.


Jail time


Traffic violations can also lead to jail time.  For instance, if you are convicted of driving while your license is suspended, or for DUI, you may be subject to mandatory jail time, which can range from one day to six months.


Municipal Court Information

municipal court legal services njIf you have been charged in Municipal Court with a Disorderly Persons Offense (such as Drug Possession, Shoplifting or Simple Assault) or a Motor Vehicle ticket with consequences of magnitude (meaning a fine of over a few hundred dollars, a mandatory term of suspension of your Driver’s License, community service, or even jail time), the court is required to advise you of your right to an attorney.  This is because hiring an experienced attorney can help you get the best result possible in your matter.  Even if you are charged with a traffic ticket which carries with it “only” a few hundred dollars in fines and a few Motor Vehicle points, an experienced attorney can minimize any potential consequences.




Scales_of_Justice_WebOur firm has DECADES of combined Municipal Court experience.  In addition to practicing privately throughout the area, our attorneys have extensive experience serving the Municipalities of South Jersey both as Prosecutor and as Public Defender.  We have spent years building familiarity with the law and court procedures, and rapport with the Municipal Prosecutors of South Jersey.  We know what to say, what to argue, and what ask for in nearly every situation.


When you hire traffic court lawyer Weishoff & Richards to represent you, you are hiring an experienced legal team that will aggressively pursue every avenue by which to fight for your rights.  We waste no time in entering our appearance with the court and requesting, receiving and reviewing discovery, meaning the proofs the court has against you.  We then give you an honest appraisal of the charges against you and your likelihood of success.  If the court’s evidence is strong, we will still advocate for appropriate plea deals and the minimum penalties allowed by law.  But if the evidence indicates that there are Constitutional search issues, missing discovery, problems with witness identification or other proofs, or if the described conduct simply does not meet the elements of the charged offense, we will use that, along with any other means available, to work for the best result possible.


Out of State


If you live out of state, but have received a Motor Vehicle ticket in New Jersey, even a relatively minor one, it is in your best interests to consult with a New Jersey attorney; even with an out-of-state Driver’s License, you may be subject to consequences for tickets in New Jersey.  Because New Jersey is one of the smallest but most heavily traveled states in the country, the courts here usually allow out-of-state drivers to submit a plea via affidavit.  In such instances, we would appear in court and advocate for your best interests with the same vigor that we would if you were standing right next to us.  Once we reach a suitable agreement with the Prosecutor, we then immediately forward to you an affidavit, a binding legal document for you to review, sign, and mail to the court, all without having to leave your home state and travel a great distance to appear here.


If you have been charged with a Disorderly Persons Offense or Motor Vehicle ticket, it is always in your best interest to speak with a qualified, experienced attorney who will tirelessly advocate on your behalf.  Please contact Weishoff & Richards, LLC at (609) 267-1301 or here on our form to set up a consultation today.

Attorneys Greenblatt, Lieberman, Richards, & Weishoff combine 53 plus years of experience to get you the results you deserve.

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