Real Estate Financing Attorney

Real estate financing solutions are as varied as the properties that secure the financing. For more than 50 years, the New Jersey real estate financing lawyers at GLR&W have represented both lenders and borrowers to negotiate optimum financing strategies and to close their residential, commercial, and industrial real estate deals. As opportunities for creative real estate financing structures expand, we meet the changes and challenges with evolving legal strategies of our own. Our experience extends to all categories of private and commercial lenders as well as with investors, developers, owners of distressed properties, REITs, and other parties in the real estate industry.


Commercial Real Estate Finance law in New Jersey


Our attorneys apply their in-depth knowledge of the real estate finance laws in The Garden State to craft the ideal commercial financing structures for your unique within the current real estate investment cycle. We have the knowledge and sophistication to advise borrowers and lenders on all aspects of:


  • Traditional commercial mortgage loans
  • Construction and development loans
  • Both private and public mortgage-backed securities
  • Real estate loan syndication and related financing pools
  • Tax increment financing
  • Tax-advantaged financing structures backed by IRAs and other retirement funds
  • Mezzanine and subordinated debt financing


Our counsel extends to the formation of real estate investment trusts (REITs), management and operating structures, and structures that optimize the effects of combined debt and equity financing.


Refinance or restructure non-performing loans


Unanticipated setbacks and other contingencies can force a financed real estate transaction to underperform. In some situations, the lender may need to initiate foreclosure proceedings. However, if the transaction remains viable, the lender and borrower may enter negotiations for a real estate refinancing and restructuring. Our real estate financing lawyers represent borrowers and lenders to determine the legal options available under NJ law, including:

  • Altering existing loan contracts to lengthen due dates for principal payments or modify the frequency of interest payments
  • Swapping real estate mortgage debt for equity
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy, and other alternatives to foreclosure


GLR&W, LLC represents lenders and borrows in real estate financing transactions and disputes


The purchaser/borrower and the lender are only two of the potential participants in a New Jersey real estate financing transaction. Our real estate lawyers have interfaced with all classes of parties that might have an interest in the transaction, including state and national banks,  life insurance companies, mortgage brokers, title insurers, government guarantors (including Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae), private investors and finance entities, HOAs, and mortgage loan servicing organizations. Each participant has its own interests, which may or may not be fully aligned with the primary purchaser’s or lender’s interests. We aim to balance those interests to achieve the most favorable available financing solutions for our clients.


Work with a Leader in New Jersey Real Estate Financing Law


Real estate financing transactions can have a substantial impact on a client’s tax planning, regulatory compliance obligations, corporate governance, and legacy considerations. Our attorneys develop their real estate financing strategies with a focus on the details of each specific project, and always with a view toward the client’s greater goals. We understand that no real estate transaction occurs in a vacuum, and we take all measures to verify that our strategies are fully aligned with all other aspects of a client’s business and operations.


The real estate financing lawyers at GLR&W in Mount Holly represent borrowers, lenders, and other parties in all aspects of financing transactions for New Jersey residential, multi-family, commercial, and industrial real estate. To learn more about how we can help, complete our contact for or call us directly to schedule a consultation.

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