Real Estate Litigation

Many disputes involving New Jersey real estate are resolved by negotiation between the parties. However, when a resolution is not possible, the parties will be best served by retaining a real estate litigation attorney that has in-depth knowledge of New Jersey real estate law and how that law applies to and affects real estate disputes in the State


For more than 50 years the real estate litigation lawyers at GLR&W in Mount Holly have represented parties in lawsuits involving virtually every conceivable New Jersey real estate legal matter. We aim to achieve the most favorable resolution for our clients to enable them to enjoy the long-term benefits of their real property holdings.


Most Common Causes of Real Estate Litigation in New Jersey


Disputes involving real estate often stem from the purchase and sale contract that parties used to transfer title to a parcel of real estate. Our real estate attorneys have experience that goes well beyond contractual matters, including:


  • Problems with title insurance and title defects
  • Easements and use restrictions
  • Application and interpretation of rules enforced by homeowners’ associations
  • Condominium declarations and governance of cooperative buildings
  • A seller’s failure to disclose property defects
  • Property line and boundary disputes
  • Adverse possession
  • Nuisance issues
  • Environmental problems
  • Property taxes and assessments
  • Landlord-tenant problems
  • Financing and mortgage issues
  • Commercial lease matters


We are a goal-oriented real estate litigation firm


The real estate team of GLR&W will manage your case so that we never lose sight of your goals. With total transparency, we will develop the legal strategies that we think we will result in the best outcome. Out of respect for our clients’ time and resources, we will establish realistic litigation budgets that are justified by a rational cost-benefit analysis of the issues in every case and work as efficiently as possible.


The best real estate litigation strategy begins before a lawsuit is filed


Far too frequently, parties that are arguing over an issue in a real estate purchase agreement will wait until the matter boils over before they retain legal representation. However, a party is wise to retain an attorney as soon as a contentious issue begins to escalate. Your lawyer may be able to help resolve issues without having to file lawsuit, or at least improve your pre-litigation posture with the benefit their experience and advice.



GLR&W is a Trusted New Jersey Real Estate Law Firm


The at GLR&W in Mount Holly represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of real estate litigation matters. We are intimately familiar with how New Jersey State statutes and local ordinances may impact these cases and shift advantages to one party or another. Put our experience to use in your case


Real estate is one of the most substantial investments a party can make. If prospective litigation is threatening the value or use of your investment, contact GLR&W, LLC in Mount Holly by completing our contact form or by calling us directly to schedule a consultation.

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